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About Us


A "Home" is often in reference to a physical place, yet a home can also be where memories are born, filled with loved ones, and will always be an expression of who you are.

ATAGO HOME was created to be a bridge that provides comfort and joy to your home through the artifacts we share.

We are purveyors of fine Japanese craftsmanship and design, sharing the stories of ancient traditions that Japanese artisans still practice today. We believe having your favorite quality pieces in the home brightens up everyday life and brings appreciation to the craftsmanship of these simple day-to-day products. We bring harmony to the modernized lifestyle through traditional craftsmanship. Our mission is to spread the essence of Japanese culture and quality to the world.

We operate ATAGO HOME with four primary purposes.

  • To enrich the everyday lives at home for people around the world
  • To be a bridge to connect people and culture through artifacts
  • To spread Japanese craftsmanship, design concepts, technologies, and traditions.
  • To protect traditional methods of Japanese crafts and support new technologies and creators.

We hope our artifacts will brighten your everyday life and become a part of your HOME.